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William Pfister Jr.

I was born, bred and raised in Eatontown, New Jersey.  After graduating Monmouth Regional High School as a member of the National Honor Society, a Nation Merit Scholar and a Varsity football player, I earned a Bachelor’s degree from Gettysburg College and was a charter member of the Sociological Honor Society and ultimately a J.D. from the Dickinson School of Law as a member of the Trial Moot Court Board. I have been in the practice of law since 1987, primarily as a civil trial attorney.  


This firm was founded on August 8, 2011. The practice’s largest client is a small insurance company. I primarily defend the insurance company’s insured in personal injury or insurance coverage litigation from inception through trial and if necessary, to appeal. My practice for the insurance company is state wide.


Mission Statement

The reason that people hire lawyers is usually because they have a problem.  Whether it is a traumatic injury, an insurance issue or a speeding ticket, the practice of law helps to solve people’s problems.  At its core, it is a service industry.  Abraham Lincoln has been quoted as saying that “time is an attorney’s stock in trade.”  An attorney’s time and service to the client is combined with his or her expertise in the subject matter to obtain the best result.

To that end, I direct my own practice and serve the client’s best interest at all times. In this day and age, it is impossible to be fluent in each area of the law.  I therefore limit the firm’s practice to areas of the law where my level of expertise and experience can best serve the clients.  

The firm does not charge for initial consultations.  If it is more advantageous for the client, a referral is made to an attorney with expertise in the area the client requires.  The firm welcomes clients from the community at large.  Initial free consultations can be scheduled for potential clients at 732-268-8928.

Mission Statement
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